Rasin Zakaria X Nomad

Frustrated by the constant mood swings of the Toronto weather, I created this app that tells you exactly what you should wear that day. And the outfits suggested are always on point in regards to my personal style.

It automatically detects the location when you first come to the home screen. Then it dynamically generates an outfit appropriate for that day. It contains a search box for you to type in a city of your choice. And it will automatically generate stylish outfits appropriate for that city specificaly for that day. If you type in the same city twice, it will show you a different outfit every time. If there are chances of rain, it’ll also show you an umbrella.

The app uses the Wunderground API to access the weather. The weather information is then used to make certain conditions in the JavaScript file. And when these conditions are met an item from different categories of clothing are displayed on the users screen. If the same conditions are met again, then another item is picked at random. You can click on each individual item and it will take you to the website where you can purchase the product.

Personal Style Application

It is a personal style application that tells you what to wear. You come to the home screen, type in your city and it’ll tell you what you should be wearing that day. It shows you clothes that goes well with one another. It also shows you lifestyle products that works well with the clothes and for the appropriate weather for that city for that given day.

It uses the wunderground API to get the weather information. For a certain type of condition and range of temperature, an Image of a set of products are automatically generated showing you what you should be wearing.

It was created as part of a weekly project at HackerYou. The main purpose of the app is to assist people with stylish clothing suggestions appropriate for a given day, in a city. The photos are collected from Mr.Porter thus also allowing them to show the variety of their products to the users of the app.

About me

I am a passionate UX designer and Front-end developer with over six years experience with Graphic Design. I have a keen eye and a design-led approach to building for the future of the web and mobile. I am driven to keep up with the latest techniques, and have an eye for differentiating between design fads and worthwhile trends. I am comfortable working autonomously or collaborating with a team. I enjoy solving open-ended problems and iterating constantly to provide the best user experience possible. When I look at an innovative website, I immediately need to know how it was built. I am a rare blend of creative and technical.

I have built and designed several outstanding websites from concept to launch. My skill sets include: An eye for interaction design and finishing touches. Prototyping and wire-framing for mobile and desktop applications. Full proficiency writing clean HTML5, CSS3, Jade, Sass, Stylus and run GulpJS. Good understanding of Javascript, jQuery, KnockoutJS, KendoUI, PHP and WordPress. Strong working knowledge of responsive web design and cross-platform compatible coding techniques and troubleshooting. Experience with Chrome Developer Tools. Experience using Git and GitHub and SVN as a version control system. Experience using Origami and FramerJS to prototype interactions and animations. Expert in Photoshop, Illustrator and good understanding of Sketch 3. Good taste, a logical mind and a sense of humour.